Single-phase Watt-hour Meter
 Electronic and Socket type
 ANSI C12.1, ANSI C12.10, ANSI C12.20






·Meter type:                  SH-13-S
·Accuracy:                   ±0.5%@ unity power factor
                            ±0.5%@ 50% power factor
·Connection type:            1 phase  3-wire
·Meter form:                 1S (2S)
·Meter class:                 class100, class200
·Starting Watt:               less than 5 Watts
·Voltage rating:              120/240V
·Operating voltage:          ±20%
·Rated frequency:            50Hz or 60Hz
·Operating temperature range: -35℃ to +75℃
·Current power consumption: <0.40VA
·Voltage power consumption: <0.5W, <4VA
·Dielectric strength:          4KV 1min
·Impulse Voltage:            6KV
·Relative humidity:           ≤95%
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