Portable water tester is designed and developed in the usage of water meter testing at

spot during working condition, which can test out the water meter precision fast and correctly.

It’s also the must testing meters of the Metric bureau to do the periodically test for on-line

working water meter.

The device is to be directly connected to the water device after tested water meters, once

the water starts running when turning on the valve, comparing the collected figures showed on

tested water meters and collected figures on the testing device, which is the simple way to mark

out the precision of the tested water meter. And it’s the most ideal device for the periodically test

for on-line working water meter.

Technical performance

1) Features: It features with Mass Integrate Circuit, advanced designs and good structure,

as well as decimal system for counter circuit. And also functioning as instantaneous flow and

accumulative flow shown at one time on one LCD screen, with clear figure, non-modulus and

non-unit conversion and hand-handle accumulative flow turn back to 0 after powered on.

With all these functions, times of water meters can be repeatedly tested without any water

stop and readjustment for the flow rate during every tested. So it’s good enough as

time-saving, energy-saving, simple operating, accurate reading, high precision, stable, high

anti-jamming, overall function, long life time, easy maintenance and portable, etc

2). Technical data

1. Accumulative flow tolerance allowed: +/-0.5%

2. Instantaneous flow tolerance allowed: +/-2.5%

3. Collected flow rate scope: 0.1-199.99L+1word

4. Instantaneous flow scope: 0-1.5m3/h

5. Flow rate test point:

5.1. Φ15mm,0.15m3/h

5.2 Φ20mm,0.25m3/h

5.3 Φ25mm,0.35m3/h

6.Working Power: DC4.8+/-10%V(Four batteries 1.2V)

7.Chargering Power InAC220V±10%,50HZ; Out DC6V

8.Water Source Pressure: 0.1-1.0Mpa

9 Water Temperature:0-+30℃

10. Moisture: ≤85%RH

11、Appearance size: 530*23*31cm

12. Gross Weight: 6.5kg

13. Wireless control distance: 100m

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