Main technical parameter
2.1 The tester bench accuracy: 0.2
2.2 Tested water meter size: DIN15, DIN20, DIN25.
2.3 Technical criteria for water meter testing: Used for full capability test or produce and maintenance
2.4 Instantaneous flow index gauge is adopted glass rotor flowmeter group, the actual
Measurement accuracy not less than 2.5%
The detail type and specification as following:
LZB-15 4-90L/h
LZB-25 70-800L/h
LZB-50 450-8000L/h
2.5 Working volume container cubage:
15-25mm, (10L+10L)20L, (50L+50L)100L,
2.6 Using water source working pressure: 0.25-0.4MPa
2.7 Clamp equipment flex distance is:
50mm(15-25mm tester),


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