1.2.1 Among the pipe system of test bench, the testing range of absolute pressure sensor is 0~1bar, accuracy ≤0.2%; testing range of micro pressure sensor is -500Pa~500Pa, accuracy ≤0.5%; testing range of temperature sensor is 0~50, ℃accuracy ≤0.2%.
1.2.2 Accuracy of test bench ≤0.5%
SPG61-12 Automatic Gas Meter Test Bench
1.2.2 Quantity of tested meters: 6pcs, 8pcs or 12pcs.
1.2.4 Suitable for G1.6, G2.5 and G4 domestic gas meter
1.2.5 Working condition:Environment temperature 20±5℃℃
Relative humidity 60%—70%
Atmosphere pressure 86kPa—106kPa
Power supply 220V(Or 3*220V)±20V ~50Hz

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