The calibrating apparatus take sonic nozzle as standard,test each kind of Membrane Type Gas Meter. It has temperature automatic sampling and compensation and pressure compensation. It could use computer to data display,terminal Processing, print, retention test knot and so on. It is a product of our company after thirty years experience in the production of sonic nozzle equipment. It is specifically made for the gas company, Gas meter manufacturers, Measurement DePartment to Gas Meter

Calibration or the first revlew. Compared with bell jar standard calibraring apparatus in country at present,it has the advantage of high performance,high automation,wide range, long life,non-strict requirements on the environmental conditions and so on.
Composition 1、display calibration base on sonic Venture nozzle. 2、clampon system base on lifttable, adapter substitute. 3、automatic temperature sampling and pressure sampling system. 4、negative pressure inspired air system base on vacuum pump. 5、data handling base on computer

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