1. Product acquaintance

1-1 Open the box and check
Dear customer, when you purchase a new SP9701 single-phase multi-function power frequency electricity quantity testing equipment, we suggest you can take the following steps to check the product first.

1. Check the accessories.
Make sure you have all the accessories listed in the excursus in Operating Instructions. If anyone is missing, contact your dealer or retailer.
2. Check the assembled machinery
If you find the exterior of the machinery was damaged or the machinery works abnormally or doesn't pass function test, contact your dealer or retailer. If the machinery was damaged by transport, pay attention to reserve the package please.
1-2 Appearance
The appearance of SHP9701 Single-phase energy testing set is as following figures first.

2. Function and Feature

2-1 Product brief introduction

Product summarization
SHP9701 Single-Phase Energy Meter Testing Set is our company's newest field testing product in accordance with electric power market which is the most functional and smallest type in present market and has many merits as follows:
Leading technology: The 3.9'' color full penetrating liquid crystal screen, English menu prompting menu ARM and 16 digital A/D chip.
Convenient operation: It can be held by hand in spot \hung\ supported or wedged. All function keys on a board can fulfill functions switch between keys.
Safety: Voltage wire is protective coating and plastics cover all crocodile clips and no metal exposed. All these make operation more safely.
Low power consumption: Supply power by inside lithium battery or external direct current and whole power consumption is less than 5VA.
Portable merit: Small volume(197mm× 117 mm× 45 mm), light(host weight<0.4kg).

Function character
Checking function: Checking electronic or inductor Single-Phase electric energy meter.
Word going test function: Testing wordgoing of electric energy meter on the spot.
Harmonic analysis function: Being able to demonstrate 50times sub-harmonic analysis.
Waveform display, Function of measuring distortion degree: Displaying voltage, current waveform respectively, measuring distortion degree of the voltage, current waveform.
The data storage and telecommunication function: Interior real-time clock and Chinese operating system can record real-time current fluctuation on spot, can storage 1000 testing data.
CT transformation ratio testing function.

2-2 Technical Parameters
Virtual Value of Voltage (U)
Rated Range (Un): 220V.
Measuring Range: 30~265V.
Basic Error: 0.1% Un.
Virtual Value of Current (I)
Rated Range of Current Clamper (Ib): 0.2-100A
Measuring Range: (5%~120%)Ib.
Basic Error: 0.2% Ib.
Active Power
Measuring Range: (5%~120%)Ib and 80~265VAC.
Basic Error: 0.2% (for rated power).
Energy for Active Power
Frequency measurement range: 45.000~65.000Hz.
Phase measurement range: 0.01° ~359.99°
Other technical index
Power supply adapter index Input: AC100-240V
Output: DC 5V
DC 700mA
Host power consumption 5VA
Overall ambient temperature -10-40 C
Overall ambient relative humidity 20%-90%
No causticity gas
Overall preheat time 5 minutes
Host dimension 197mm× 117 mm× 45 mm
Host weight <0.4kg

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