Main features
0.1%portable single-phase electric source integrative function
Voltage is 220V, with largest current 10A. It is possible to input different current and angles. To chose
Different checking points by using [0]keying to check single-phase device. This device also can set
Checking point unit that makes this device calibrate itself automatically and save and print checking

Single-phase field use checking function
When it is used as a field testing device, it is a high-accuracy field use checking device (± 0.1%). But
There are essential differences between this device and single-phase field use checking device with
Electric meter chip. Through 16 bit A/D and high-speed 32 bit DSP processor, it samples signals of
Voltage and current and calculates electric parameter. Meanwhile, its current output function can be
Used as analog virtual load, largely convenient for filed measure of single-phase watt-hour meter.

Transformer's self-calibration function
This device utilizes our company's patent technology, automatically measuring transformer's error and
Calibrating it, with the purpose to guarantee the constant stability of transformer's error

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