Three-phase portable three phase energy meter testing equipment is a kind of desk-top portable energy meter testing device which is equipped with a three-phase high-stability program-controlled power source and three-phase multi-function standard meter developed and manufactured by the Company; The device can be operated with keyboard to achieve simple functional tests, control and management may be realized through personal computer. The PC tester has a complete range of test items and the testing device has such advantages as high measurement accuracy, high long-term stability, high degree of automation, wide output range, low distortion, and high stability.

This device is applicable to the testing of electronic and electromechanical single-phase or three-phase active or reactive energy meter as well as multi-function energy meter.

This device can provide you with plenty of electrical information such as AC voltage, AC current, inter-phase voltage and current, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency. One to three meter stations may be connected to this device with built-in or plug-in error processor.
This device can be used for product test in such areas as product development, product maintenance, and production lines. Customer may self-develop its own automatic meter calibration software by making use of the underlying dynamic link library developed by our company.

2.1 Accuracy class: 0.1/0.05
2.2 Electrical output
2.2.1 Voltage and current measurement range
Output voltage ranges: 57.7V/63.5V and 220V/240V (480V option)
Output current ranges: 0.1A, 1A, 5A, 20A, and 100A
2.2.2 Output load capacity
Voltage loop: Max. 50VA
Current loop: Max 100VA (Measurement range 100A)
2.2.3 Electrical output adjustment Voltage adjustment
A) Adjustment range: 0%~125% selected voltage range
B) Adjustment fineness: Four finenesses as 10%, 1%, 0.1%, and 0.01% are available
C) Max. Output voltage: 300V or 600V Current adjustment
A) Adjustment range: 0%~120% selected current range
B) Adjustment fineness: Four finenesses as 10%, 1%, 0.1%, and 0.01% are available
C) Max. Output current: 120A Phase adjustment
A) Adjustment fineness: 0° ~359.99°
B) Adjustment fineness: Four finenesses as 10° , 1° , 0.1° , and 0.01° Are available
2.2.4 Voltage and current output distortion
This device's voltage and current output distortion will not be more than 1% (testing under linear load)

2.2.5 Output power stability
This device's pre-set output power will not exceed 0.05% compared with the measurement range variation within 180S.
2.2.6 Symmetry of electrical outputs from three phases
The difference between any line or phase voltage and its average will not be more than 0.2%; The difference between any phase current and its average will not be more than 0.2%; The phase difference between any phase current and its corresponding phase voltage will not be more than 0.2%.

2.2.7 Harmonic content
A) Number of harmonic waves: 2~31
B) Harmonic content: Less than 40% (compared with fundamental wave)
C) Harmonic phase: 0° ~359.99°
2.2.8 Monitoring instrument
To be read directly from the standard meter.
2.2.9 Electric pulse

Electric pulse output from standard meter:
1) For error calculator to calculate the error of any meter to be tested;
2) For the reference of upper-level measurement examination and determination agency when sending the standard meter to them for testing. Please refer to standard meter's Table of Constants for pulse constants.
2.2.10 Power supply
Single-phase AC 220V/240V (100V/110V is also applicable), 50/60Hz, max. Input power consumption: 500W.

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