System features
n  It can test according to ISO 4064 or OIML R49
n  For the same lot of water meters, you need to have parameters setting only for one time.
n  DN15-25-W10:DN15-DN25 for 1-10meters in series.
n  Adopt laser testing head from Japanese SUNX and numerical laser sensor amplifier.
n  Laser testing head has virtues of small optical spot (0.2mm), long verification distance (reach 500mm).
n  Numerical laser sensor amplifier can respond very rapidly ( Maximum speed: 80 microsecond ,that is, 12.5KHz/s
n  It has focusing instructed function.
n  Adopt TCS Series Electronic Balance from Ningbo Keli Company which is one of largest electronic scale sensors manufacturer companies in China. The scale has virtues of high precision, high stability, easy operation, convenient information collection etc.
n  It has instantaneous flow adjusting function.
n  It has automatic abrasion test function of ten thousand times (interrupting test, or to say fatigue test). (No need to purchase ten thousand times wear tester specially).
n  It has the functions of automatic monitoring, display of pressure and water temperature in pipeline.
n  It can have verification repeatedly, and you needn’t reset the parameters.
n  It can print various reports respectively.
n  It can have pressure verification for water meter.
n  All the information about the tested water meter will be collected, calculated, displayed and transmitted by independent optical collector and adjustable optical sensor.
n  The equipment has water circulated function, and has virtues of low noise, high stability.
n  It can adapt to all kinds of mechanical water meters verification, and is very flexible.
n  The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel and copper.
n  Sufficient spares for wearing parts are (like o washer etc).
n  Low fault rate, convenient repair.
n  With full technical documents. 

1 Scale
        Measure scope: 0.2g3150Kg3
        Division value: 150Kg-10g
        Fixed value output with four lines( switch output value)
        Communication mode with 2 lines RS232/485
2   Pulse collection
        LS-H21 Laser sensor head
Long distance verification optical spot reflection, 30mm-500mm verification distance, optical spot is about 0.2mm, equip LS-401-C2 numerical laser sensor amplifier, NPN double line output.
Response time: Optional among 4 modes (80us;150us;500us;4ms
        It can test the radix of the tested meter.
        Collect flow values of the tested meter.
        Shift to display Base data / flow values.
        Information transmission: it adopts RS232 Series Connection Interface. 





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