1. Summarize

The tester bench is the necessary measure instrument for the test and repair of water meter in metrological service, Water meter manufacture, Water supply company, industrial and mining establishments.

The tester bench is made of stainless steel materials; the surface is treated with polishing.

Clamp equipment and drain machine is controlled by four-way reversing valve; the water flow rate is adjusted by copper case stainless steel core ball valve or butterfly valve it has high accuracy, the structure is compaction, long life, easy operate and maintain.

2. Main technical parameter

2.1 The tester bench accuracy: 0.2

2.2 tested the ways of volume container cubage compare.

2.3 working volume container cubage:

 (200-500L )0.2-0.5 m3,( 1000L-2000L )1-2 m3

2.4 Instantaneous flow index gauge is adopted glass rotor flowmeter group, the actual

measurement accuracy not less than 2.5%,range of the flow 4L/h-125m3/h .

The detail type and specification as following:






 Clamp equipment flex distance is about 110(pneumatic control)

2.6 Reverse(pneumatic control)

 normal working pressure of the gas: 0.40.6MPa

2.7 The water pressure must keep in 0.25MPa-0.4MPa, and with well steady water source.

2.8 Power converted from AC220 to DC24 Volt(REVERSE CONTROLLER).

   Air compressor Power  AC380V

2.9 Appearance about size:


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