1 Equipment comply standards

The Equipment accords with the standard of
ISO 4064-1-2005
(Measurement of water flow in fully charged closed conduits — Meters for cold potable water and hot water)
OIML R49-1
(Water meters intended for the metering of cold potable water and hot water)
2 Main Technical Specifications
● Measure scope: 0.2g3~150Kg3
● Division value: 150Kg-10g
● Fixed value output with four lines( switch output value)
● Communication mode with 2 lines (RS232/485)
● Accuracy class 1/3000,
● German imported pump, valve, converter.
● With glass rotor flow meter:

LZB-15 4-90L/h

LZB-25 70-800L/h

LZB-50 450-8000L/h

LZB-80 7-31.5m3/h

3 System features:
3.1 For the same lot of water meters, you need to have parameters setting only for one time.
3.2 DN15-50WM: For water meter (DN15 mm-DN50mm) 1-5 meters in series.
3.3 Adopt TCS Series Electronic Balance from one of largest electronic scale sensors
manufacturer in China. The scale has virtues of high precision, high stability, easy
operation, convenient information collection etc.
3.4 It has instantaneous flow adjusting function.
3.5 It has automatic abrasion test function of ten thousand times (interrupting test, or to say
fatigue test). (No need to purchase ten thousand times wear tester specially).
3.6 It can have verification repeatedly, and you needn’t reset the parameters.
3.7 Pressure withstanding testing for water meter.
3.8 The equipment has water circulated function, and has virtues of low noise, high stability.
3.9 It can adapt to all kinds of Ultrasonic & mechanical water meters verification, and is very
3.10 Theequipmentismadeof304stainlesssteelandcopper.
3.11 Sufficientsparesforwearingpartsare(likeowasheretc).
3.12 Low fault rate, convenient repair.
3.13 Withfulltechnicaldocuments.
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