DTSD39 Electronic 3-phase 4-wire Multifunction Energy Meter

Reference voltage(V)  3 × 230/400        3 × 63.5/110
Reference current(A)     5(10)                   5(10) 
Meter constant          800imp/kWh        3200imp/kWh 
                               800imp/kvarh       3200imp/kvarh 
Class index: Active energy 1.0. Reactive energy 2.0
Reference Frequency: 50Hz ± 10%
Power consumption: Voltage circuit ≤1.2W

                              Current circuit ≤0.1VA
Time Accuracy: ≤0.5s/day, 3min/year (at 25℃ test condition)
Time Backup battery: Lithium Battery, Storage life≥15 years, 
                               Work without power life ≥3 years.
Data retention when power supply failure: ≥10 years
Metering voltage when power failure: 6 VDC
Climatic conditions:
Operating temperature range: -25℃~+60℃
Limited range of operation: -25℃~+80℃
Storage and transport temperature range: -25℃~+80℃
Maximum relative humidity: up to 100%
Overall dimension: 270mm × 160mm × 76mm 
Weight: Approx 1.9kg

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