Meter Test Equipment
Single Phase Energy Meter Test Bench
Auto-Calibration System

Accuracy class: 0.1/0.2 class

★Standard power testing equipment:
          HC 3801 single phase standard energy meter
          Accuracy class: 0.05 /0.1
★Standard CT:0.01/0.02
★Output voltage: 0-220V(240V option); range: 0-120%
        Fine adjustment: 0.01%
★Output current: 0-100A; (option for 200A)
        Fine adjustment: 0.0001A (min)
★Range of phase: 0-360° fine adjustment: 0.1°
★Frequency: 45Hz-65Hz; fine adjustment: 0.01Hz
★Waveform distortion coefficient: voltage/ current < 0.5%
★Output stability of voltage, current, power: <0.05% (180S)
★Output capacity (each phase): current: 800VA (120A), voltage: 400VA (24 meters)
★Load: capacitance, resistance, inductance (≤4μF)
★Starting current output: 10mA (min), accuracy: 5%, starting power: accuracy 10%
★Numbers of calibrated energy meter: 24 (6/12/24/32/40/48 on requested)
★Testing function: Basic error test; no load test; starting test; calibration tolerance test;
★Input power: 220V AC 10%, 50Hz; max. power consumption: 1500VA (24 meters)
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