Socket meter testing bench
Test bench for ANSI Socket meter
It can be widely used to calibrate different kind of single /three phase power meter or multifunction power meter accuracy 0.2% or under.

Accuracy class: 0.1
Standard equipment:
HC 3100 three phase multi-functions precision power meter
Accuracy class: 0.1
Input range:       3 × 80V / 160V / 320V / 600V auto range
3 ×1A/10A/100A auto range (120A max)
Output range:
Output voltage: 3 × 57.7V/100V/220V/380V
Output current: 3 ×0.1~120A
Maximum output capacity of each phase
Voltage: 100VA (40 position)
Current: 500VA (120A, 40 position)
Adjustable range:
Voltage: 0-120%, Fine adjustment: 0.01%
Current: 0-120A, Fine adjustment: 0.001A (minimum)
Phase (Voltage/current): 0-360.0°, Fine adjustment: 0.1°
Frequency: 45-65Hz, Fine adjustment: 0.01Hz
Output Stability (Power factor):
< 0.05% / 3min ( pf=1.0 )
Waveform distortion coefficient:
Voltage / current:<1.0%
Harmonic wave output
2-21 sub-harmonic wave, Contents of Harmonic Wave (Current< 40%)
(Voltage< 10%)
3,5,7 sub-harmonic wave coupling, contents of each harmonic wave < 10%
phase angle control (odd sub-harmonic wave)
wave group control (sub-harmonic wave)
Starting current output: 2mA(min)
Starting current/power factor measurement: 5%(2mA)
Meter type: Various kinds of single phase/3 phase active/reactive power meter (includes sine wave, Var 90°jump phase, Var 60°shift phase), inductive type, electronic type, multifunction and four quadrants power meter.
Number of meters calibrated: 6 sets (or depend on user’s request)
Control mode:
Keyboard control: LCD menu, fully automatic, manual calibration.
Remote PC control: Under Windows 98/2000/XP system, fully automatic, self-definition calibration.
Test function:
Basic error test
Standard deviation (S) in error test
Latent test (no load test)/automatic/manual operation
Initial test (starting test)/automatic/manual operation
Phase rotation test
Database providing with static, information check, management, printing.
Input power: 3×240V/410V±10%, 50Hz
Dimension: 1800×850×900mm(Length×wide×high)
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