Three phases electricity Energy meter for DIN-rail mounting (six modules).CT Changing-Ratio fully programmable.
Active energy measurement in three phases four wires alternating current circuits. With RS485 and Far infrared communication port.

Accuracy Class
Reference Voltage ( Un)
230/400V AC (3~)
Operating Voltage
161/279 - 300/520V AC (3~)
Impulse Voltage
6kV -1.2μS waveform
Rated Current (Ib )
1.5 /10 A
Maximum Rated Current (Imax)
6 /100A
Operating Current Range
0.4% Ib ~ Imax
Operating Frequency Range
50Hz± 10%
Internal Power Consumption
Operating Humidity range
Storage Humidity range
Operating Temperature range
-10º C ~+50º C
Storage Temperature range
-30º C - +70º C
Overall dimensions(mm)
about 0.7kg (net)
CT Changing-Ratio
Fully Programmable( 27 ratios)
Communication port
RS485 and Far infrared port
Data save
More than 20 years


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