l         LCD display
It can simultaneously display with the parameters of voltage, current, power, power factor.
l         On-line energy test
Use the photo pick up or pulse input to test the accuracy 1 or 2 of energy meters.
l         Clamp CT
Current input use clamp CT, which can be set up for several kinds of measure, and it is very convenience and safety for filed test.
l         Data management
It can save the test data, and send it to the PC by port RS232.
l         Small volume and light weight: less than 600g

l         Effective voltage (U)
Measurement (Un): 220V
Measure range: 165-242V
Basic error: 0.5% Un
l         Effective current (I)
Current CT measure (Ib): 5A; (option: 20A, 40A, 50A, 100A)
Measure range: (5%-120%)Ib
Basic error: 0.5% Ib
l         Active power (P)
Measure range: (5%-120%) Ib and 165-242V
Basic error: 0.5% rated power
l         Active energy (E)
Basic error: 0.5%
l         Temperature
Basic error 20℃±℃, Humidity≤80% RH
Working temperature: 0-40℃, Humidity≤90% RH
Temperature coefficient: ≤50ppm/℃
l         Power supply: 105-265VAC, 50Hz±2.5Hz or 60Hz±2.5Hz
Power wear: about 5VA
l         Warm up
Normal condition: 15min
Outdoor condition: 10min
l         Volume (mm): 220x85(113)x38(48.5)

l         Weight: <600g


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