Single Phase Energy Meter Test Bench Auto-Calibration System
The big panel with clear back light liquid crystal display Using the comparative method for calibration of one meter ontime to display the error directly.
Digital display voltagecurrentfrequency and phase.
The combination of meter and source configuration, for which the source can be calibrated outside individually.
Intelligent design for which all operation can be done by keyboard in front panel.
With the RS232 communication port, the data can be sent to computer easily.
Testing point of current: 600%, 400%, 200%, 150%, 100%, 50%, 20%, 10%, 5%
Power factor: 1.0、0.5L、0.8L、0.5C、0.8C
Electronic protection in case of over load, short circuits and output current open status.
Accuracy: 0.2 class
Rated voltage: 220V, adjust range: 0-120%, fine adjustment: 0.01%
Output current: 0.2A-50A (60A)
Frequency: 45Hz-65Hz, fine adjustment: 0.1Hz
Phase: adjust range: 0-360°, fine adjustment: 0.1°
Stability of output voltage、output current、output rating: Better than 0.05%
Output maximum load: current 20VA(5A)、30VA(50A), voltage 15VA
Waveform distortion coefficient: less than 0.5%
Accuracy class of standard energy meter: 0.2 class
Supply power: 180V-240V AC, maximum power consumption of 45-65Hz: 200VA
Weight: less than 15Kg
Dimension: 480×360×140mm
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